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Options of a CB-1000 waste extraction system:

  • Professional dust filter system
  • Air return system with air release inside the building
  • Sound enclosure for the transportation fan
  • Antistatic against static problems with the material
  • Electro-pneumatically valve system (PLC-controlled)
  • Material separation system

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Product types & Benefits

The waste extraction systems CB-1000 are designed to capture and cut the waste from one production line or from a machine group. We offer individual solutions for almost all customer requirements and almost every location. Most of our systems are completely customized. Usually the chopped waste material is transported via a main pipe system and a transportation fan to a PE-bag or screw compactor inside or outside the building, either as a new storage device or an already existing one. A dust filter, an air return system, a system extension or a sound control housing for the fan are optional available.

The waste extraction systems can be extended easily, just if you plan to start with the extraction of one machine in the beginning with the option to add all other existing machines in the future.

Collection options:

  • PE-bag
  • Octabine
  • Roll container/bin
  • Screw compactor
  • Others

Under certain circumstances the system can be equipped with an integrated material separation system for recycling processes afterwards.


  • High reduction of waste volume
  • Higher production speeds
  • Ability to cut different types of materials
  • Low operation costs
  • Low energy consumption thanks to energy-efficient radial ventilators
  • Reduction of labour costs through to the loss of manual waste handling by a certain person
  • Reduction of costs thanks to material cutting into small pieces
  • High availability / uptime
  • High throughput
  • Comfortable noise emission thanks to modern pipe silencers

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