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Power (kW) 2,95
Voltage (V) 400, 3Ph
Frequency (Hz) 50
Compressed air (bar) 4 (only with oil spray system)
Weight (kg) 350
Cutter type GR-160
Collection device 300 l PE-bag
Height (mm) ca. 2503
Width (mm) ca. 758
Length (mm) ca. 1904

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Product types & Benefits

The All-in-One system CB-100 is a mobile cutting and extraction system dedicated for non-adhesive or self-adhesive edge trims, die-cut pieces and matrix from one production line. Extremely compact and robust manufactured, you can move it easily from one machine to the another.

Under certain circumstances the system can be equipped with an integrated material separation system for recycling processes afterwards.

Collection options:

  • PE-Bag
  • Octabine
  • Roll container/bin
  • Screw compactor
  • Others


  • Cost-effective cutting and extraction system
  • High availability / uptime
  • Reduction of waste volume thanks to an integrated cutting module
  • Low energy consumption thanks to an energy-efficient radial ventilator
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Extraction of the cut material through the radial ventilator
  • Mobile and moveable system
  • Comfortable noise emission thanks to modern pipe silencers

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