Springfield Solutions installed trim removal system

Juni 01 2017

Springfield Solutions Ltd. in Hull (UK) recently installed a vacuum waste handling system from Matho. Target of the system is to capture, cut and extract eight edge trims from four finishing lines into a 1000l big bag. The installed Cuttobag CB-1000.1 is equipped with 2x Cuttopipe CM-160 inline cutting systems, complete piping system, transportation fan (frequency controlled) and material separator. As the customer runs a lot of film material, an anti-static-systems was installed inside the material separator to avoid blockages inside the unit. To recover the heated or cooled air, an air-return-system was also installed by the Matho technicians.

As part of their 1,3 million GBP #PrintWorks expansion, the system is aimed to handle the production increase of 30 percent. After three years of continuous growth, this building and production capabilities enlargement was absolutely necessary. According to Mr. Steve Nix (Print Operations Manager) they are very happy about the project planning and installation, as well as the operating results of the complete system.

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