• Cutter

    Cutting units (Inline-Cutter) for new or already existing extraction systems

  • CB-120/140

    Mobile & compact waste extraction system for a single machine

  • CB-1000

    Waste extraction systems for single machines & machine groups



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German FS Etiketten Revolutionizes Operations with Advanced GR-160 Cutter and Heating/Cooling Integration

März 26 2024

FS Etiketten, nestled in the scenic Black Forest of Germany, has recently integrated an advanced cutting solution into its operations. This state-of-the-art system boasts the GR-160 cutter equipped with three knives, complemented by sandblasted pipes for enhanced performance.

Notably, the system is outfitted with a built-in flap, optimizing heating and cooling efficiency.  During the summer months, it efficiently expels warm air outside. During the winter, it facilitates the return of heat back into the factory. Patrick Herrmann, the Production Manager, expresses utmost satisfaction with the successful installation!

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Matho Solves Clogging Challenge for JELD-WEN

Nov 21 2023

Matho stepped up to the plate when JELD-WEN, a global leader in doors, windows, and building products, faced a challenge in their production line.

The Challenge: Clogged Extraction Fan

The extraction fan of JELD-WEN's Door Filling Machine was clogging 1-2 times a month due to incompletely cut aluminum foil trim. Cleaning took approximately 30 minutes per fault, causing downtime and inefficiencies.

The Matho Solution: Precision Cutting Module

Matho introduced a cutting module on the extraction line above the Door Filling Machine. This innovative solution ensures that only finely cut pieces pass through the extraction line, preventing clogs and significantly reducing downtime.

Results: Efficient Production, Reduced Downtime

JELD-WEN now experiences improved operational efficiency with the Matho solution. The installation has not only addressed the clogging issue but has also streamlined the production process.


About JELD-WEN: JELD-WEN is a leading global designer, manufacturer, and distributor of high-performance interior and exterior doors, windows, and related building products, serving the new construction and repair and remodeling sectors

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